[The musicians were poised with their instruments. They were ready to go.] It would only be a few seconds now, I wrote.

    — Richard Brautigan, from In Watermelon Sugar

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I just wanted to be some woman, heading back home to Over That Way.


Gillian Flynn, from Dark Places

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Hello! This is a reminder that there are two ways to submit to The Final Sentence:

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The sea pulled back off the reef, its tidal sucking audible, the air brought down through coral bones and exhaled again and again.

    — Bob Shacochis, from Mundo’s Sign

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[Look. Look!] They’re singing!

    — Margaret Atwood, from Stone Mattress

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I was wrong, I thought, but maybe if I stayed in this town long enough, I could make everything right.

    — Lemony Snicket, from Who Could That Be At This Hour?

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