[‘He meant to die on Culloden Field,’ Roger whispered.] ‘But he didn’t.’

    — Diana Gabaldon, from Dragonfly in Amber

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For the first time in a long time, I am not afraid.


Rae Carson, from The Girl of Fire and Thorns

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Ethan laughed and followed her out into the city.

    — D.B. Jackson, from Thieftaker

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[He knew, though, that he was meant to fight this war, to stand against the Weaver, regardless of how history might remember him.] And for the better or worse, it was Tavis’s fate to fight beside him.

    — David B. Coe, from Bonds of Vengeance

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A small strand of space-time went dark and coiled into nothingness.


K.A. Applegate, from The Ellimist Chronicles

Years from now, when I return, as I must, maybe this old man will still be here, but why should he?

    — Bienvenido Santos, from “A Visit to Sulucan” in Brother, My Brother

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