We are who we choose to be.

    — Roopa Pai, from The Magic of the Dazl Corals

How about a memorial
for those who made it
through the war
but still died
before their time?

    — Jim Northrup, from “Wahbegan”

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our pistil soul-bright,
our stamen heaven-waste,
our corona red
from the purpleword we sang
over, O over
the thorn.

    — Paul Celan, from “Psalm”, trans. John Felstiner

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[I said ‘thank you’ in Russian for some reason.] I don’t know whether he understood me.

    — Viktor Suvorov, from Aquarium

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He put on his hat and left for the day.

    — Douglas Adams, from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

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Everything that had happened was shockingly beautiful, enough to make you crazy.

    — Banana Yoshimoto, from N.P., trans. Ann Sherif

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