They are living their lives for future generations, for a new day, and, when it arrives, they will be those who have redeemed humanity in their graves without crosses.

    — Arved Viirlaid, from Graves Without Crosses, translated by Ilse Lehiste

She stepped out into the clear, windy night, walked to the telegram office on Broadway, and let him know that he needn’t come to her window—she would meet him at the dock.

    — Helene Wecker, from The Golem and the Jinni

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She knew this too, for she ran into his arms calling out: “Oh, Smithy-Smithy-it may not be too late!”

    — James Hilton from Random Harvest

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Final sentences: 

We sat in silence, staring at the blank screen.

from The Absolute

[And I leave as my last legacy a single word for all the free peoples of the galaxy.] Hope…

from The Andalite Chronicles

Ram the Blade ship.

from The Beginning

"Anything could happen."

from The Capture

A small strand of space-time went dark and coiled into nothingness.

from The Ellimist Chronicles

Be happy for me, and for all who fly free.

from The Encounter

Until then, we fight.

from The Invasion

This time, Cassie, you won.

from The Sickness

And, by the way, if you ever see some poor, mad, deranged gentleman wandering the streets and raving away about things that live in his head … well, if you can handle it, give the man your spare change.

from The Underground

The message was short: No worries.

from The Unexpected

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Another little catastrophe in the Khan family.

    — Åsne Seierstad, from The Bookseller of Kabul

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I felt her curious spirit brush against mine, and within it was the soft cinnamon joy of a remembered bond.

    — Alison Goodman, from Eona: Return of the Dragoneye

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