Make more than dust.

    — David Levithan, from Two Boys Kissing

We can no longer conceal from ourselves precisely what this will, under the direction of the ascetic ideal, expresses, which is hatred of anything human, animal or material; abhorrence of the senses, of reason itself; fear of happiness and beauty; the desire to escape from all illusion, change, growth, death, wishing, even from desiring itself – all this means – let us have the courage to confront it – a wish for oblivion, an aversion to life, a repudiation of everything vital to existence, but it is and remains a will! – and to say at the end that which I said at the beginning – Man will desire oblivion rather than not desire at all.

    — Friedrich Nietzsche, from On the Genealogy of Morals: A Polemic, trans. Michael A. Scarpitti

If things are always outlined by the space

around them, isn’t absence what they are?
Shouldn’t we treasure those sheer columns more?

    — Lisa Williams, from “Sheer Columns

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Her ears
quake like tuned strings.

    — Lisa Williams, from “Gazelle in the House

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'They execute traitors.'


Richelle Mead, from Spirit Bound

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In that speech, if not yet in his life, Shin had seized control of his past.

    — Blaine Harden, from Escape From Camp 14

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