You plan the wars, you masters of men — plan the wars and point the way and we will point the gun.

    — Dalton Trumbo, from Johnny Got His Gun

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[A full moon rode the night sky.] He stared at its cratered face, trying to read the future in the destruction of the past.

    — Dean Koontz, from Strange Highways

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But like every kiss, this one is an answer, a clumsy but tender answer to a question that eludes the power of language.

    — Sandor Marai, from Embers

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He would have a lot of reading to do today.

    — Oliver Pötzsch, from The Hangman’s Daughter (Trans. by Lee Chadeayne)

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And it was signed simply ‘George.’

    — Alan Bradley, from The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

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In her first official action as our new captain, she admitted that we were totally lost, which everyone knew but the previous captain had been unwilling to admit, and she said that our new destination was home, wherever that might be, and we all agreed that it was as mysterious and noble a pursuit as any, and we all set our sights that way, hoping it would still be there if and when we found it.

    — Charles Yu, from “Yeoman” in Sorry Please Thank You