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[And I’ll try to let things happen. Not always feel like I have to control everything.] With the exception of those things I can control, that is, with my mind.

    — Augusten Burroughs, from Magical Thinking (thanks, fame-vs-infamy)

[“Merry Christmas,” he said, smiling at me. He pulled the plugs apart.] And instantly the house fell absolutely, perfectly, blessedly silent.

    — You Better Not Cry by Augusten Burroughs (thank you, hourglasss)

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[‘What’d you say?’
‘Nothing.’] I smile, but it’s small, and only to myself.

    — Augusten Burroughs, from Dry: A Memoir

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He looks up at me and he mouths the words, ‘Very much I love you.’

    — Augusten Burroughs, from A Wolf At The Table 

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