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But though the lights
one by one extinguish
as you explore deeper,
that final light — the sun —
grows stronger,
despite the coming winter,
the darkening seas.

    — John Kinsella, from “Tenebrae

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adjust the speed of the skin,
set the aperture of feeling,
draw sun sky and all into
that black old camera —

see through the back of your eye.

    — John Kinsella, from mimic: a blindman’s view of the sunset

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Asked about Marilyn
he shuffles uncomfortably — outside, in the

spaces between parrots & fruit trees,
the stubble rots & the day fails to sparkle.

    — John Kinsella, from Warhol at Wheatlands 

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he went to his lover
and she comforted him —

in the palm of her hand
he was dust.

    — John Kinsella, from Fragments from a World without Water

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Some polluted places are so beautiful
they make you weep buckets…

    — John Kinsella, from some: an ode to the partitive article

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The rose, the cockatoo,
the failure of colour as whiteness
merges with sunlight.

    — John Kinsella, from “a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose” 

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