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[Did you hear that, Mitch?] Your mom thinks you’re beautiful.

    — Nicholas Sparks, from The Rescue

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I’m living happily ever after.


Meg Cabot, from Princess in Love

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[It doesn’t end.] Never will it end.

    — Günter Grass, from Crabwalk

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VIOLET: —and then you’re
gone, and then you’re gone,
and then you’re gone,
and then you’re gone—

    — Tracy Letts, from August: Osage County

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[‘What a waste,’ Katz said, shaking his head sadly, ‘Alright, David.] Let’s be off.’

    — Gar Wilson, from China Command.

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Here was this big blond giant, his face blotched and red, spreading the splendor of his hair across Austin’s shoulder, his huge hand with its sportsman’s calluses pressed to Austin’s chest in the dark as the other passengers watched the movie or slept.

    — Edmund White from The Married Man

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