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Double happiness: I get it now.

    — Gayle Forman, from Just One Year

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I’m in the book.

    — Jim Butcher, from Storm Front

Final sentences:

"[Darling, do you remember
the man you married?] Touch me,
remind me who I am.”

from “Touch Me

"[Our lives are spinning out
from world to world;
the shapes of things
are shifting in the wind.]
What do we know
beyond the rapture and the dread?”

from “The Abduction

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'The dream is just beginning.'

    — Stephen R. Lawhead, from Dream Thief

But there is no rational ground for despair: the means of happiness for the human race exist, and it is only necessary that the human race should choose to use them.

    — Bertrand Russell, from Education and the Social Order

She opened the wide double doors of the Academy, and made her entrance.

    — Sara Zarr, from The Lucy Variations

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