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But there is no rational ground for despair: the means of happiness for the human race exist, and it is only necessary that the human race should choose to use them.

    — Bertrand Russell, from Education and the Social Order

She opened the wide double doors of the Academy, and made her entrance.

    — Sara Zarr, from The Lucy Variations

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He had completed his work, which was to inform people that Mamoon had counted for something as an artist, that he’d been a writer, a maker of worlds, a teller of important truths, and that this was a way of changing things, of living well, and of creating freedom.

    — Hanif Kureishi, from The Last Word

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I have learned and dismantled all the words in order to draw from them a
single word: Home.

    — Mahmoud Darwish, from “I Belong There”, translated by Munir Akash and Carolyn Forché

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The sunlight didn’t break, we are broken,
the word “broken” is broken.

    — Yehuda Amichai, from “Yom Kippur”, translated by Chana Bloch

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In the present case, it is as essential to surmount a consciousness of an unreal freedom and to recognise a dependence not perceived by our senses.


Leo Tolstoy, from War and Peace (Trans. Constance Garnett)

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