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So I become

my blinding self:

black bird


home, free

    — Remica L Bingham, from “What We Ask of Flesh”

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We are under way.

    — Elizabeth Bear, from Dust

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As evening fell and they settled down into the first stage of their long journey, Tryfan thought to himself that if he ever did become a scribemole, then perhaps, with the Stone’s grace, he might one day record all that Boswell was beginning to tell him now of the story of Bracken and his beloved Rebecca.

    — William Horwood, from Duncton Wood

'[The universe owes us forever.] And our eternity starts now.'

    — Rachel Vincent, from With All My Soul 

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[It was George, sounding the wasteland for an echo from the missing members of his family.] But for me it was a voice which spoke of the lost world which once was ours before we chose the alien role; a world in which I had glimpsed and almost entered… only to be excluded, at the end, by my own self.

    — Farley Mowat, from Never Cry Wolf

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The message was short: No worries.


K.A. Applegate, from The Unexpected