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'Nobody can say what they will do.'


Philippa Gregory, from The Other Boleyn Girl

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If I leave him now, I will save myself from terrible things, but as the waves beat against the shore, I lie back and watch his arm move, like a cloud of butterflies rising and falling, and the bright sand dropping like diamonds in the morning sun.

    — Beth Nugent, from Live Girls

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The wind continued to blow, without respite.

    — Ismail Kadare, from The General of the Dead Army, trans. Derek Coltman

He is slow, and the sea sings to us both, but he returns to me.

    — Maggie Stiefvater, from The Scorpio Races

Slowly, he lowers his fingertips nearer my skin till I can feel their heat on my cheeks and then, without a sound, without the slightest incantation, he closes my eyes.

    — Steven Amsterdam, from Things We Didn’t See Coming

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I think everybody knew it would be the last drop of pleasure.

    — Anaïs Nin, from “Marcel” in Delta of Venus

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