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'And I want to join your resistance.'

    —  Allison Goodman, from Eon

[The musicians were poised with their instruments. They were ready to go.] It would only be a few seconds now, I wrote.

    — Richard Brautigan, from In Watermelon Sugar

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I just wanted to be some woman, heading back home to Over That Way.


Gillian Flynn, from Dark Places

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[Look. Look!] They’re singing!

    — Margaret Atwood, from Stone Mattress

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I was wrong, I thought, but maybe if I stayed in this town long enough, I could make everything right.

    — Lemony Snicket, from Who Could That Be At This Hour?

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Then he brakes the truck and turns its wheel, and he is driving fast, fast, fast through the heat, the wind through the strings, the sound of return beneath our wheels.

    — Beth Kephart, from Small Damages