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Though the book has enjoyed considerable popular success, the author refuses to relinquish the screen rights to the story.


Meg Cabot, from She Went All the Way

There was nothing to be seen except crowds: Nabeel had vanished into the anonymity of History.

    — Amitav Ghosh, from In An Antique Land

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We can only walk while there is light.

    — Allan Johnston, from “Evening Conversation”

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He possessed nothing that anyone could ever call doubt, inside.

    — David Foster Wallace, from “Backbone”

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The sharpness of that knowledge went away almost as soon as I’d boarded the T, but it has returned over the years, and even now sometimes — I am older, and my life is very different — I can feel again how amazed I was that morning.

    — Curtis Sittenfeld, from Prep

I didn’t think I’d be that lucky, though, because I am too much a saga of a certain type of person: fuzzy blackness, impractical meditations and repressed desires.

    — Charles Bukowski, from “The Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip” 

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