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'Ollie, how do you feel about a weekend in Venice?' she asked.


Melissa de la Cruz, from Blue Bloods

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He talked to the lightning, the trees, the fire, gained authority over bees and blossoms, told stories, conducted ceremonies, was the lover of Honey Barbara, husband of Bettina, father of David and Lucy, and of us, the children of Honey Barbara and Harry Joy.

    — Peter Carey, from Bliss

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[Your life is yours alone.] Rise up and live it.

    — Terry Goodkind, from Confessor

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'I’m June.'

    — Marie Lu, from Champion

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'You will join me, won't you?'

    — Melissa de la Cruz, from The Van Alen Legacy

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[The four of us, together, heading for the next town.] Wherever that might be.


Pittacus Lore, from I Am Number Four 

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