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The Final Sentence top three

“‘All of us are better when we’re loved.’”
— Alistair MacLeod, from No Great Mischief 

"His skin
is a brutally beautiful
handwritten letter
from the sun.”
— Buddy Wakefield, from “Human the death dance

"[You are not a match.]
You are a goddamn wildfire.”
— Amanda Oaks, from “How to Pick Up the Pieces” 

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I have learned and dismantled all the words in order to draw from them a
single word: Home.

    — Mahmoud Darwish, from “I Belong There”, translated by Munir Akash and Carolyn Forché

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The sunlight didn’t break, we are broken,
the word “broken” is broken.

    — Yehuda Amichai, from “Yom Kippur”, translated by Chana Bloch

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For when I found the throneroom
festooned with pelvis bones,

the twin-fingered god on whose nether lip I hung
a kiss, a crape-gartered barb,

was you — you the pursued, yours
the bull’s head draped with fragrant lash-black hair.

    — Peter Kline, from “Minotaur

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The world is gone, I must carry you.

    — Paul Celan, from “Vast, glowing vault”, (trans. Michael Hamburger)

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The moon has your name memorised: the curl of your back, your face, an open book.

    — Vona Groarke, from “Tonight of Yesterday”

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