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[This is the story you asked for.] I leave it in your mouth.

    — Emma Donoghue, from Kissing the Witch

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We stepped inside.


Mira Grant, from Feed 

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It lay like a path on the sea.

    — S.E. Hinton, from Hawkes Harbor

She looked at his golden-brown eyes and all of the promises that lay within them, and linked her arm with his as she smiled, “Tell me tomorrow.”

    — Sarah J Maas, from Throne of Glass

We’ve got some friends to save.

    — Rick Riordan, from The Mark of Athena

She’d bitten out all the stitches in her left wrist and half the ones on her right before the darkness finally fell, before she finally got past the skin and struck bone.


Delilah S. Dawson, from “The Three Lives of Lydia” in Carniepunk