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And God says to me:
God is I.


Daniil Kharms, from “Untitled, September 14, 1931” in Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings, trans. by Matvei Yankelevich

But do you think they could die?

    — Alice Notley, from “Locust” in In the Pines

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And at last, faintly, falling: this day’s over.

    — Ian McEwan, from Saturday

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'And I want to join your resistance.'

    —  Allison Goodman, from Eon

[The musicians were poised with their instruments. They were ready to go.] It would only be a few seconds now, I wrote.

    — Richard Brautigan, from In Watermelon Sugar

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I just wanted to be some woman, heading back home to Over That Way.


Gillian Flynn, from Dark Places

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