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[This wind, It was not the ending. There are no endings, and never will be endings, to the turning of the Wheel of Time.] But it was an ending.

    — Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, from A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time No.14)

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I am here.

    — Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, from The Gathering Storm

Thunder rolled again for distant lightning.

    — Robert Jordan, from Crossroads of Twilight

[Night fell. On the hilltop, the wind blew dust across the fragments of what had once been a ter’angreal. Below lay the tomb of Shadar Logoth, open to give the world hope.] And on distant Tremalking, the word began to spread that the Time of Illusions was at an end.

    — Robert Jordan, from Winter’s Heart

The laughter made the hair on the back of her neck try to stand.

    — Robert Jordan, from Knife of Dreams

[Across the nations stories spread like spiderweb laid upon spiderweb, and men and women planned the future, believing they knew the truth.] They planned, and the Pattern absorbed their plans, weaving toward the future foretold.

    — Robert Jordan, from The Path of Daggers