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[You will be angry with me at first - but, alas! not for long. What I have done would have been cruel if I had been a younger woman; as it is, the experiment will hurt no one but myself.] And it will hurt me horribly (as much as, in your first anger, you may perhaps wish), because it has shown me, for the first time, all that I have missed.

    — Edith Wharton, from “The Muse’s Tragedy”

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Let me pray that, if I do not survive this manuscript, my executors may put caution before audacity and see that it meets no other eye.

    — H.P. Lovecraft, from “The Call of Cthulhu”

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[Let the old dreams die. We are dreaming new ones.]

I hope they found what they were looking for.

    — John Ajvide Lindqvist, from “Let the Old Dreams Die, (trans. by Marlaine Delargy)

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And he stepped back a little and tried again, but Chelsea, distracted now by something - maybe the plant in the far corner, standing and waiting like a person in a dream, or maybe the green shoe or some other thing that was out there and longing, to be looked at, and taken - wasn’t ready, and their hands, his then hers, passed through the air in a kind of wave, a little goodbye.

    — Tao Lin, from “Sasquatch”, in Bed

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Zeffirino looked at her and a number of times thought she was on the very point of starting again; but no, not even one tear came out

    — Italo Calvino, from “Big Fish, Little Fish” in The Picador Book of the Beach

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They wept together, for the things they now knew.

    — Jhumpa Lahiri, from “A Temporary Matter” in Interpreter of Maladies

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