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And then we walk together in the moonlight, hand in hand, until I’m home.

    — Amy Garvey, from Cold Kiss

Emboldened by the fresher air, he readied his pale tentacles for the final gleaning, waiting for nightfall.

    — Nicholson Baker, from “Subsoil”

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Requiesce in pace, Johanna Papissa.


Donna Woolfolk Cross, from Pope Joan

But on that day,

a good day for reading comics,
she presses into my arm, eager to see,

and we indulge in the power
to inhabit a world a page removed from our own.

    — Gary Jackson, from “Missing You, Metropolis”

[This is the story you asked for.] I leave it in your mouth.

    — Emma Donoghue, from Kissing the Witch

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It lay like a path on the sea.

    — S.E. Hinton, from Hawkes Harbor