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He sat on, her cold hand pressed to his face and the last shreds of her Father’s shining garment lighting the jewels on her feet.

    — Pauline Gedge, from Child of the Morning

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[When we’re all gone—you dear Liesl, though you’re much the youngest, and Magnus—there may be a few who will still prove a point with ‘Ramsay says…’”’]

    — Robertson Davies, from World of Wonders

And the child, gazing at me with dark-lashed eyes, laughed.

    — Lynn Cullen, from Mrs. Poe

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[She didn’t look back when he spoke again.] “You don’t, Kestrel, even though the god of lies loves you.”

    — Marie Rutkoski, from The Winner’s Curse

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With him, Zadi and Dagan ahead of them, they walked amongst their people.

    — Bridie Blake, from The Jewel of Kamara

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May God forgive me for this and all these things I’ve done.

    — Gabrielle Zevin, from All These Things I’ve Done

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