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She opened the wide double doors of the Academy, and made her entrance.

    — Sara Zarr, from The Lucy Variations

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Which it will be, not even the Gods know—yet.

    — Arthur C. Clarke, from 2010: Odyssey Two

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He climbed into the hearse.

    — Aldous Huxley, from Crome Yellow

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With his own hand wrote Hassan, son of Ali:
I did not know he was so unhappy.
Peace to his tormented soul!

    — Meša Selimović, from Death and the Dervish (Trans. Bogdan Rakić and Stephen M. Dickey)

As her eyes filled with tears, she caught the first faint hint of spring on the air.

    — Scott K. Andrews from School’s Out Forever

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[GRACE: Then I’m sorry, mister, but you’re just left out in the cold. (She carries a can of garbage out the rear door, leaving VIRGIL for the moment alone)

VIRGIL: (To himself)] Well…that’s what happens to some people.

    — William Inge, from Bus Stop

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