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It’s me.

    — Kate DiCamillo, from The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

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'Bring the rain,' he whispered, 'bring the rain.'

    — Sherrilyn Kenyon, from Acheron

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I would try to return home.

    — Lloyd Jones, from Mister Pip

He took his sister’s hand and kissed it and said good-by, making an ironic, affectionate bow over her with his head; it was the Jules she had always loved, and now she loved him for going away, saying good-by, leaving her forever.

    — Joyce Carol Oates, from Them 

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'When they need me,' he said, and then, before Wrayan could respond, he tossed a few rivets on the table for his ale, turned on his heel and walked away from the table without looking back.

    — Jennifer Fallon, from Warlord

He was heading for A1A.

    — Thomas McGuane, from 92 in the Shade 

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