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[The woman at the ticket window asked me, “Monsieur, où allez-vous aujourd’hui?”
Roma, I said.] Roma.

    — Rawi Hage, from De Niro’s Game

Thirteen might turn out to be a good year for lemons.

    — Daniel Hayes, from The Trouble With Lemons

When we don’t speak, said Edgar, we become unbearable, and when we do, we make fools of ourselves.

    — Herta Müller, from The Land of Green Plums, trans. Michael Hofmann

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I just saw a squirrel I used to know, but I’m not sure he recognized me

    — James Leo Herlihy, from The Season of the Witch

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Row the boat lightly, love, over the sea; Daily and nightly I’ll wander with thee.

    — Laura Ingalls Wilder, from Little House on the Prairie 

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I thought of their astounding number, both in the present and past, of Zandy and Angela, of Brian, of Granny, even of my father, whose disavowal of me led to this place, and I understood that as much as I had resisted the outside, as much as I had constricted my life, as much as I had closed and narrowed the channels into me, there were still many takers for the quiet heart.

    — Steve Martin, from The Pleasure of My Company