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A moment later, the cold ran up her arms, and caught her breath, and beneath her hands a heartbeat fluttered, as Victor Vale opened his eyes, and smiled.

    — V.E. Schwab, from Vicious

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I turn and walk into my home, the city, a man.

    — China Mieville, from Perdido Street Station

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By the time you enter the womb again, you understand as little about yourself as you did your first time here.

    — David Eagleman, from Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Like a comic actor shouting on a stage, I screamed with all my remaining strength, “Help! Help!”

    — Tayeb Salih, from Season of Migration to the North

… And admit that you don’t need me anymore.

    — Gabrial Ba and Fabio Moon, from Daytripper

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Or perhaps it was good that Democracy entered Zagreb very quietly, almost tenderly, on tiptoe, even more gently than in Berlin or Budapest, more timidly than in Prague, so silently that we had to prick up our ears to hear it and understand that, in spite of the silence, this city or this country can never be the same again.


Slavenka Drakulić, from “That Sunday, Like an Empty Red Balloon” in How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed